Celebrating 7 Years

We like a good reason to celebrate here at Oasis Studio, and today marks Alicia’s 7-year work anniversary, so it is an occasion worth celebrating!

Seven years of hard work, dedication, and commitment to a single business is no small feat, and not frequently heard of. Without a doubt, Alicia is a valuable asset to the team and company, and her creative contributions have undoubtedly played a significant role in Oasis Studio’s success over the years.

We spoke to Alicia, and asked her “What do you enjoy about working at Oasis Studio” and she said:

“I love working at Oasis because I feel like I can stand out as an individual, whilst still counting on my amazing team to back me up when I need it. It’s amazing to work for a company that recognises and encourages my creativity. I feel like a valued part of the team here”.

Here are 7 fun facts about Alicia

  • She’s mint on guitar
  • She has 19 Tattoos
  • She’s a mental health officer
  • She can taste words
  • Completed an apprenticeship here
  • Worked on over 100 virtual tours
  • Favourite number is 7
  • She makes spooky drawings
  • Favourite colour is pink
Oasis Studio
Oasis Studio Team

Here’s what some of the team have to say about Alicia


“I like how Alicia won’t shy away from telling you exactly what she’s thinking, and is very honest, as sometimes you have to hear it” – Leo Orchard

“I like how she cares about other team members wellbeing, putting effort in organising socials and valuing people’s mental health. And also not eating kiwi since I’ve started this job”Monica Cafasso

“Although she shy’s away from performing on her guitar for us, on her social media she sometimes posts little snippets of her playing and she’s amazing on her guitar and doesn’t give herself enough credit. She also doesn’t give herself enough credit for her own work, amazing what she can do”Paige Howard



“I like how I can always hear her arriving in the morning because she’s blasting music full volume in her car. Also she’s very artistically talented and has a great sense of humour”Jon Allcock

“Alicia is the kind of person that cares about people’s feelings and wouldn’t want to hurt a fly. I mean probably why she’s a plant lady, she is very caring, fun to talk to at lunch and can take a joke” Teodora Abaza

“I find it really great that she shares the same interests as me. People who enjoy anime, particularly Demon Slayer, are fascinating individuals in my opinion”Jeb Lee

Alicia Edit - Colour 2

From the whole team here, we’d like to say Happy 7th Workiversary Alicia!