Inspiring Students Into Property & Construction With Architectural Visualisations

Inspiring and attracting talent into the Property & Construction industry has never been more prevalent in the East Midlands Region. 

Currently, within Chesterfield, we are undergoing a remarkable £2 billion regeneration initiative, which is driving significant growth in the region. While this regeneration has been heavily anticipated, it has highlighted the importance of nurturing and growing local talent. A report by CITB has indicated that by 2026 the region will require approximately 3,500 additional construction workers annually, a figure we are currently short of. 

But how can we fill the skills gap when a large portion of local talent is unaware of available career paths locally?

Architectual Visualisation Oasis Studio

Closing the skills gap in Chesterfield

The recent workshop at Parkside Community School underscored the significance of linking students with local businesses. While showcasing the inner workings of businesses in the sector, a student approached us during the event, expressing their prior lack of awareness about Architectural Visualization and the corresponding software systems designed to assist such endeavours.

As a member of the Chesterfield Property & Construction group, it’s important that we harness any opportunity to engage local talent into our workforce, and that’s why last month, we hosted a Parkside Community School student for a two-week work placement to see how we work and what we do within the property and construction industry.

Hands-on Architectural Experience

In July, we welcomed Seth from Parkside Community School into our studio like we would a new member of staff. Seth had expressed his interest in the construction industry and had also obtained modelling knowledge during his education. Our aim for Seth’s work experience was to inspire and expose him to the workflows and opportunities that are obtainable locally within the sector.

During Seth’s work placement, we introduced a diverse array of tasks and projects that are conducted by the Visualising team on a daily basis. Among these tasks was the conversion of 2D technical drawings into 3D digital models of buildings using the latest software and techniques. Using his 3D models, Seth created various visual content, including photorealistic CGI, floorplans and a marketing brochure. During his working week, we embraced Seth’s contributions and involvement towards internal project meetings and development projects in Virtual Reality. 

Property & Construction Oasis Studio

Pupil Insight

We asked Seth how he found his experience at the Studio, and he said: 

I enjoyed my time at Oais Studio It was a really nice place, with a good atmosphere and the staff was great. I even had a go at designing buildings and adding renders using CAD. It was a really good placement

We took great pleasure in introducing Seth to the digital landscape of the Property & Construction industry. Beyond affording our business the chance to educate and inspire an inspiring industry entrant, Seth’s contributions injected a new perspective and innovation into our operations, solidifying our dedication to fostering young talent. 

We look forward to inspiring the upcoming workforce again soon!