Drive Planning Success with a Virtual Public Consultation

Our brand EyeSiteView has just launched a fantastic new public consultation platform which simplifies the planning process and improves planning outcomes. Virtual Public Consultations (VPC) eliminate previous issues with the consultation process, and improve the overall experience for both the host and the visitor.

What is a Virtual Public Consultation?

It is a portal within which you can host your consultation and present your planning materials in a smart, user-friendly, virtual environment. This content is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your consultation can be live for up to 22 weeks. It is a great tool to engage with the community and gather the data required to move forward with the planning process.

Virtual Public Consultations eliminate accessibility barriers, driving community and stakeholder engagement, and providing instant feedback and analytics.

Online Consultaton

The Key Features of a VPC:

  • Fully customisable 360 environment
  • Accessible 24/7 on any device
  • Real-time analytic data
  • Live chat and integrated user forms
  • Up to 5 admin seats for your team
  • 1 – 22 week consultation duration 
  • You can upload all of your planning materials

The Key Benefits of a VPC:

  • Analyse and Report in Realtime
  • Enhanced Project Quality
  • Improves Planning Outcomes
  • Trust and Transparency
  • Identify Conflicts Early
Online Planning Consultation

How Do Online Consultations Drive Planning Success?

The traditional in person approach to public consultations has long presented a number of issues.

The restrictive nature of having to meet at a specific time and place excludes many potential visitors from the process and therefore it can be difficult to get an accurate view of public sentiment.

Furthermore, it can be difficult to keep track of the data provided by these visitors when hosted in person. By being online you can collect and analyse larger quantities of data more efficiently.

With a VPC, visitors are able to send instant feedback forms and know that their voice is being heard.

Analytics can then capture the users session data and reports are then generated to analyse the performance of the online consultation. This is fantastic as it provides a comprehensive breakdown of where your users spend most of their time during the consultation, how long they spend at the consultation, and what any of their concerns may be.

Community and stakeholder engagement is crucial during pre-construction phases of all projects, but so is analysing and understanding their engagement. You can use this data to inform many aspects of the planning process. All of this creates greater trust within the community, improved public image, and enhanced project quality.

Virtual Public Consultations are ideal for planning consultants, construction companies, architects, and local authorities.

All of which require public opinion and various stakeholder approval to move forward with the planning process. Any questions or potential conflicts that may come to light can be addressed proactively. This means progress at all stages of your build can be pushed forward much quicker than before.

Take control of your planning success today and learn more about VPC’s here.