Careers Made In Chesterfield: Using VR to inspire the next Generation 

In today’s fast-paced world, technology is constantly evolving and changing the way we interact with products, content and businesses regularly.

For immersive media it is no different. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming more of a common tool in a variety of sectors.

Where once VR & AR was primarily used for training, education and architecture, we are now seeing the technology emerging in an increasing number of sectors and more widely within the community too.

Oasis Studio Inspiring Students at Parkside

Inspiring Students with VR at Parkside Community School

As industry leaders in immersive media applications we are always keen to inspire the next generation with the capabilities of immersive media.

Last month we came together with Careers Made In Chesterfield at a event hosted by Parkside Community School.

Working together with a number of local businesses our Associate Director, Tony Buck worked alongside the Chesterfield Property & Construction Group to deliver workshops aimed to inspire and educate students about the range of diverse career opportunities in the construction sector.

During the workshop students were tasked with designing a new purpose building for a hypothetical procured piece of land close to Chesterfield town centre.

How does VR Help During Commercial Property Planning?

From Parkside Community Schools assembly space we teleported students directly on-site using our VR headsets. Immersed into an virtual reality version of the existing site, students were able to assess fundamental considerations before planning their new space.

Assessing existing access points, main roads, and key orientation points students were able to make accurate and informed decisions when considering their new development.

Inspiring Students with VR

What Can Immersive Media Provide Students?

No matter the topic or intended application, immersive media can provide a very unique and powerful learning experience to users. Inspiring students to approach subjects and project differently, immersive media opens up a new layer of possibilities.

Further enhanced with the use of VR headsets, an immersive approach to projects and education can provide students with the tools to learn and interact with complex topics in an new and interactive way.