Team Milestone – Nathan’s 3rd Anniversary

Last week we were delighted to be celebrating Nathan’s 3rd Anniversary of working with us at Oasis! He has been such a fantastic addition to the team with his unwavering dedication and fantastic skills as a creative visualiser. Here’s a few words from Nathan on his experience so far with us…

“I’m so glad to be here at Oasis. As cliché as it sounds, it’s helped me grow in a very positive way. Oasis values the opinions of everyone and asks for those inputs and to act on them. Prior to working at Oasis, this never happened. I have become a lot more comfortable talking about my ideas and plans to others, and I have become more confident in talking about what I want to say, my ideas and myself both in and out of work. Which I either didn’t like doing or didn’t feel comfortable doing.

I’m a very happy homebody and enjoy my own company a lot. However, after being here at Oasis they’ve taught me how to feel comfortable in more social situations and open up. Whilst I still love and prefer my own company, doing my own thing and supporting people from afar. I do enjoy the idea of going out with others more and talking with people on occasion which is big growth for me personally as I’m able to be comfortable in both situations and being able to talk to others better and more comfortably.

I genuinely feel that I’ve grown a lot personally being here and I especially felt that way when I was told by a new employee that they had thought I had worked here for 5 years plus whereas in reality I had only been at the company for just under 2 years at that time. I was really happy to hear that.


I was happy before joining Oasis however after joining I feel even happier and better. I’ve always loved helping and supporting people and have been able to apply that a lot to Oasis. It’s been a bumpy ride especially when I first joined, however I never gave up and kept supporting where I could and now things are better than ever. 

In terms of future plans? I want to make the work process for everyone as easy as possible. If I could have our whole workflow condensed to a few clicks of the mouse that’d be ideal. I have a few methods and ideas to make our process significantly easier and thus get more done with less stress.

Green-fingered Nathan

Overall, this summary can’t come close to the whole experience here at Oasis without turning into an essay, but overall it’s been a fantastic opportunity and I look forward to applying more of my help and support to the people around me and to make things even better.

Here’s to 3 Years!”

Nathan also recently attained his first-aid qualifications, proudly joining the team as one of its designated first-aid responders. It’s been a genuine delight to work alongside Nathan and we cannot wait for many more years of working together!